ACT Exam Day - March 3, 2015

Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will be taking state-wide ACT exams on March 3, 2015 (Tuesday).

  • Grade 9 - ACT Explore
  • Grade 10 - ACT Plan
  • Grade 11 - ACT

The PTSA will be providing test-taking students (Gr. 9 - 11) with a nutritious breakfast beginning at 7:30 am in the cafeteria.  Students will report to their assigned classrooms by 8:30 am.  Students will be dismissed at 2:15 pm.  Regular school bus pickup is scheduled.

Lunch - School lunch on March 3 will be served to students who have pre-ordered.  Students are able to order a lunch for that day through their HR/CAP teacher.  The student's account will be charged for the lunch.  


EXPLORE will help students in grade 9 to consider future educational and career plans based on their own skills, interests and aspirations. Counselors and teachers will be able to effectively guide students and to advise them on the best course of study based on data.
The EXPLORE tests are administered in one session, with 30 minutes for each test. There is also a student information section, which takes approximately 40-50 minutes. The exams:
  • English (40 questions)
  • Mathematics (30 questions) — Students should have calculators available for this test.
  • Reading (30 questions)
  • Science (28 questions)

ACT PLAN: Grade 10

PLAN helps identify students' relative strengths and weaknesses in four subject areas important for success in college: English, math, reading and science. 
The PLAN scores may be used to predict how students are likely to do if they take the ACT as an 11th grader. Students may learn that adjusting their study habits or taking more challenging courses may help them improve upon their estimated ACT scores.
The PLAN tests are administered in one session. They are:
  • English (50 questions): 30 minutes
  • Mathematics (40 questions): 40 minutes*
  • Reading (25 questions): 20 minutes
  • Science (30 questions): 25 minutes
* Calculators are allowed on the PLAN Mathematics Test. However, students are not required to use a calculator. All problems can be solved without a calculator. Calculators may not be used on any other test.

ACT Plus Writing: Grade 11

The ACT is a curriculum-based examination that can provide helpful information for all students, not just those who are planning to attend college. Taking the ACT can give every student a measure of his or her academic strengths and weaknesses. Students may use their results to recognize their academic strengths and areas where they need to improve, whether they intend to go to college or enter the workplace after high school. This student information section will take 45-60 minutes to finish.
The exams (total test time of 205 minutes):
  • Test 1 (English): 45 minutes
  • Test 2 (Math): 60 minutes
  • Test 3 (Reading): 35 minutes
  • Test 4 (Science): 35 minutes
  • Writing Test (1 prompt): 30 minutes

School Quality Survey 2015 - PARENTS

PLEASE help!  Parents of students in Grades 9 & 11 - 

Your feedback about Moanalua High School is important to us. We respectfully request a few moments of your time to complete the School Quality Survey (SQS), which will remain confidential in order to gather honest responses.  It should take 3-4 minutes, and we really appreciate your help. PLEASE click on the link below to take the survey.