MoHS Professional Development Conference: "Focus on Literacy"

Brain-based education expert Marcia Tate had the audience laughing and dancing as she shared strategies for engaging students and helping them learn more efficiently at the 13th Annual Moanalua High School Professional Development Conference on April 12, 2014.  Strategies as simple as having jazz music playing the background, welcoming students at the door and getting them to move about the room while taking notes were examples of ways to help students retain information.  The brain retains only 10 percent of what it hears 24 hours later, she said, making it imperative for teachers to find ways to get their material to sink into the students' long-term memory.  In addition to Tate's keynote and breakout sessions, the 200 participants were able to attend presentations from other teachers from around the state in elementary science, computer coding programs, descriptive feedback, Smarter Balanced assessments, data teams, ACT data analysis and the direction of the state DOE.

Feedback from Conference Attendees:
"I will highly recommend to our principal that he budget for sending as many teacher leaders as possible next year!"

"These conferences are always life changers: my entire approach to teaching improves dramatically after each conference."

"Marcia Tate was funny, engaging, and inspirational.  Just the way that teaching should be."

"Awesome keynote speaker. . . .looking forward to future conferences and presenters."

Go to Professional Development Site to download conference presentations

MeneMAC Shines at Student Television Network National Convention in Florida: March 27-30, 2014

by Austin Zavala, MeneMAC Teacher, Broadcast Media
Is it over already? It seemed like such a long time waiting for STN, practicing, prepping, practicing and prepping. For film and broadcast this had probably been one of the more training-intensive years compared to others. We thought STN would never come, but when it happened, it went quickly.

Making the journey all the way to Florida, the kids knew they had to make it count. It was time to shine!

“Behind the Magic Door,” “ Keepin’ It Real,” “The Big Squeeze,” and “Making It Look Easy” were just a few of the prompts for film and broadcast competitions. These were the prompts that many students had to live by and that determined their fate in the awards ceremony.

Deadlines lurked for each student during competition, with many rushing to turn in their projects on time. Even the Broadcast Sweet 16 team ended up running to turn it in with a few minutes left. As the dust settled, sd cards filled, projects exported, and heavy eyes fought to stay open, the STN convention quickly came to a close. But the students remained excited and suprisingly hyper as they were a part of a convention with over 2000 other students, who all shared the same passion.

It is truly a sight to see our students in action, competing with many other schools from all over the US, and submitting work that could compete with many young filmmakers and journalists in the professional world. Our students were also able to join all the other Hawaii schools and celebrate the 31 awards Hawaii schools won all together. It was definitely a moment and convention students will never forget. Through the sleepless nights, early mornings, yelling and running to get equipment, all the students truly put their best effort forward and represented meneMAC and Moanalua to the best degree. Seniors were sad that it would be their last year competing and almost all of the others are ready to try out again in hopes to return to STN next year.

Here are the results:
  • Honorable Mention for SPOT FEATURE-Eryn Yuasa, Rachel Inabata
  • Honorable Mention for SHORT FILM- Noah Kiriu, Michael Tom, Chad Masuda
  • 2nd place for SWEET 16 FILM-Noah Kiriu, Chad Masuda, Landon Mauricio, Michael Tom, Dustin Palea, Beau Nakamori, Lina Nguyen, Jessica Sayno, Trevor Harris, Stephanie Yanez, Aaron James
  • 1st place in Film Excellence for BEST DOCUMENTARY (The Manapua Man): Leah Miyasato, Maurice Berbano, Eryn Yuasa, Adara, Pineda, Branden Pascual, Kaori Murakawa
  • 1st place in Film Excellence for BEST VISUAL EFFECTS (Mystery Meat)-Landon Mauricio, Dustin Palea, Noah Kiriu, Chad Masuda

It was quite a successful convention for Hawaii media programs winning 31 awards total! It was an awards ceremony the students will never forget. We wanted to send out a BIG mahalo to people who made this trip possible: Sally Dang, Nicole Chu, Jennifer Senaga, Robin Martin, Julia Toyama, Merl Miyashiro, Wilbert Lum, MeneMAC parents, MoHS teachers and staff, MoHS PTSA

To view some of these winning videos, check out our MeneMAC vimeo page: