Honored guests untie the ceremonial maile lei (l-r):  Kahu Sherman Thompson, Senator Glenn Wakai, Representative Aaron Johanson, Music Director Mr. Elden Seta, Principal Mrs. Robin Martin, Senator Donna Mercado Kim, Representative Linda Ichiyama, former Central District Complex Area Superintendent (CAS) Dr. Teri Ushijima, and acting current CAS Mr. John Erickson.
It is not every day that a brand new building is dedicated on campus.  U-Building, also known as "the bandroom," was dedicated on Monday, September 23 in a small but formal ceremony featuring the string ensemble and honored guests from the complex, district and state.  Guests enjoyed the performance, a tour of the new building, and light refreshments. 
Congratulations to Mr. Seta, Ms. Barbosa, Mr. Kubota, and Mr. Takesue on the completion of their new facility.  We know it will be well used and appreciated by all music students.
Pictures and text courtesy of the MoHS Student Association website by Sherwin Pang, SAC. Read more about Moanalua student activities at