Mock Trial Verdict: Moanalua, Tops in the State!

On March 23rd, 2013, not only did both of Moanalua’s Mock Trial teams make it to the HSBA Young Lawyer’s Division, but they also both placed. Moanalua has been the state champions for four years in a row and nothing stopped them from getting back to the top again. Both teams went up against Island School of Kauai and Saint Joseph. Team B placed number one in the state, while Team A placed managed a still admirable third. Junior Kelly Ruan says, “Seeing as our team is mostly of new first year members, it’s pretty amazing how far we got. 3rd place in the whole state... I never would’ve thought we could, but by the many practices we did it somehow paid off.”
This year has included a tremendous change for the club, mainly because there were more underclassmen than in the previous years. Mock trial President Natasha White (12) says, “It’s a pretty young group this year, so we’ve had some issues about people not being as focused, so being able to overcome that was challenging. But people have been becoming very dedicated lately, so that helped us to be able to progress more.” Everyday after school, including weekends, hours are put into perfecting the scripts for witnesses, as well as attorney roles. Freshmen Michelle Park says, “Mock trial is way harder than I thought. You have to come in on Saturdays and practice your script and everything. You also have to memorize and know how to think on your feet.” Even though a lot of hard work is contributed, the students do have time to unwind. “I thought it was going to be very serious and that everyone is in serious mood all the time but we do have fun sometimes and joke when necessary,” states Park.
With nationals in Indianapolis coming up in less than a week, the veteran team has no time to waste on the new case. Mock trial Advisor Fred Ito says, “Our practices/scrimmages/draft sessions are six days a week. It’s a major time commitment. The actual competition is during AP exams, so the students are sacrificing a lot to do this.” We wish the team the best of luck and also a special thanks to attorney coaches David Suzuki and Brian Kang. Good luck Moanalua!
article reprinted from Na Hoku O Moanalua, MoHS Newspaper.