STN 2013: MeneMAC is in the House!

On Tuesday, March 5, twenty one eager MeneMAC vidkids traveled to Los Angeles to participate in the Student Television Network annual convention. Both crews will compete in the grueling Sweet 16 competition on Thursday, March 7. Each team has sixteen hours in which to complete an entire production. The film team, made up of Shaneika Aguilar, Shannel Cabuhat, Aaron James, Noah Kiriu, Chad Masuda, Dustin Palea, Isabelle Sayno, Cody Wright, and Jody Yafuso, is tasked with creating a film on the theme: "Future's so bright I gotta wear shades."
The broadcast team, made up of Maurice Berbano, Brittany Bonilla, Czarina Caberto, Kevin Caguillo, Nakoa Chun, Keegan Drummond, Leah Miyasato, Rebekah Morales, Adara Pineda, Melissa Ponce, Shellee Takara, and Eryn Yuasa, was challenged to come up with an entire show, based on the theme "dedication." Both teams, under the guidance and supervision of teachers Mark Ikehara, Kelly Calistro, and Austin Zavala and the able assistance of parent chaperones Lori Yafuso and Saundra Takara, started at 6:30 am and will be running on pure adrenalin until the deadline at 11:30 Thursday night! And that is only the PRE-convention activity! On Friday morning, the formal convention starts and each student will participate in an on site competition as well as attend workshops presented by industry professionals! That's dedication! And, yups, their future is bright all right!!!